A Moving Experience

Margaret Fosmoe ’85 | August 26, 2020

Ever so slowly and inch by inch, the little brick house moved off the wooded lot where it had stood for 83 years.

Looking for all the world like a storybook cottage on wheels, the house on a dolly was pulled west by a front-end loader along Napoleon Boulevard on Thursday, August 20 to its new location four blocks away. It will be placed on a new foundation at the southwest corner of Napoleon and Hill Street.

And thus a small piece of history with a Notre Dame origin story was saved from demolition.

The house at 1126 North Frances Street was built in 1937 for Thomas Bowyer Campbell, a writer and Catholic convert who taught at Notre Dame from 1931 until the mid-1940s. It looks nothing like other Depression-era houses in South Bend because it took its design from the antebellum summer kitchen of a Southern mansion where Campbell lived during his childhood.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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