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Carol Bradley | July 9, 2018 

After Gene Heyse’s annual health screening in 2015, Notre Dame Wellness Center staff contacted him to discuss his high blood pressure (150/100) and encourage him to consider working with a wellness coach.

With his family history, Heyse decided it was time to get serious about lowering his blood pressure. “Both of my grandfathers died from heart attacks, one in his 40s, and my uncle died in his 60s of complications from diabetes,” says Heyse.

“I met Maureen Jamieson, and she gave me some great advice,” says Heyse, machine shop manager in the engineering machine shop at Hessert Aerospace Laboratory. “She said if I could lose just 7 percent of my total weight, all my numbers would change. And she was right.”

Jamieson, the chronic condition management nurse and dietitian at the Wellness Center, also encouraged Heyse to stop eating before he felt full, eat less red meat and add a few more fruits and vegetables to his diet. 

Just four months into the plan, he reached his goal of losing 7 percent of his body weight. “I was very encouraged,” says Heyse. “My numbers were better, and I thought, ‘Hey, what Maureen is saying is really working.’’’

Three years later he’s still meeting monthly with Jamieson (“She keeps me accountable,” he says). He’s lost 50 pounds, and his blood pressure is down to 132/80.

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