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ForeWord Reviews | Mar. 24, 2014 | Spring 2014 Issue

Academic Freedom in Unsuspecting Places: An Interview with Harv Humphrey, Interim Managing Director of the University of Notre Dame Press

Dome and Basilica from St Mary's Lake

FR: Your titles and series emphasize religious scholarship, although that is not the sole focus. As the largest Catholic university press in the world, is there a particularly religious mission to your work?

HH: The University of Notre Dame Press supports the academic mission of the University of Notre Dame by publishing scholarly books for a diverse readership. These publications focus on a wide range of subjects, including philosophy, theology and religion, medieval studies, history, literary criticism, Latin American studies, Latino studies, and poetry and fiction. It is not uncommon for a religious or theological subtext to run through some of our books, but that is not always the case. In fact, that subtext is not always a Catholic or even Christian theme. We also publish books in Jewish and Islamic studies and are looking to enhance the depth of our list in those disciplines.

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