Acclaimed Theologian Joins Faculty

Ulrich Lehner 1200

Tom Coyne | January 13, 2020

Ulrich L. Lehner knows that many see studying the Catholic Church in the 16th through 18th centuries as “dry, lifeless scholasticism.” But he sees a rich history that is overflowing with wisdom about how to meet a host of modern challenges.

Lehner, who joined Notre Dame’s Department of Theology this year after 13 years at Marquette University, says the 300-year period following the Reformation can often be a source of inspiration and guidance. 

“We can look at the past and see what worked before and what didn’t. Why were some paths taken and others not, and what were the reasons for these decisions? Perhaps we need to rethink them,” said Lehner, the William K. Warren Professor of Theology. “That's the beauty of Catholicism. Sometimes the answers to modern problems can be found in the past, if only they are put in a new context.”

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