ACE leads Catholic school reform

Sherri Ackerman | Dec. 10, 2012 | redefinED blog

Catholic Elementary School reform in FloridaSecond-graders Tatiana Schmitz, left, and Christian Vincent write in their journals at St. Joseph Catholic School, where a new partnership is working to strengthen academics and the Catholic community.

Students know their priorities the moment they enter St. Joseph Catholic School. A sign by the front door reads, “Our Goals: College. Heaven.’’

Inside the West Tampa school’s cafeteria, boys and girls gather for Holy Karaoke, a morning program that encourages them to dance and sing, and focus on the lessons ahead.

Cartoon pumpkins belt out “Blue Moon’’ while bobbing across a giant movie screen. Sister Nivia Arias, in full habit, croons along at the pulpit before prompting her charges to recite daily affirmations.

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