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Gail Hinchion Mancini | July 11, 2014

Laura Borgenheimer Vater Medicine Cancer Original

Cancer patients may have had the quality of their treatment altered before it begins, influenced by cancer center advertisements that emphasize fear and hope on television and in popular magazines. That conclusion is demonstrated in a recent study published in “Annals of Internal Medicine” by 2010 College of Science alumna Laura Borgenheimer Vater, now an Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend student.

Titled, “What Are Cancer Centers Advertising to the Public? A Content Analysis,” the study demonstrates that cancer center marketing drives a demand for therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation by using emotional messaging that is long on happy endings or battle cries, but short on information about the risks and benefits of treatment options, their costs and potential alternatives. The study has attracted attention from CNN, WebMD and Modern Health Care.

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