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Rosalyn Wells | November 29, 2018

Choosing to embark on an alternative career path can be daunting, but the choice to pursue an unique path is often rewarding in unexpected ways. Such is the case with Sara Bega ‘14, who decided to take a position as Town Architect in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica after completing her Bachelor of Architecture. Initially Bega struggled with the idea of accepting the position because it meant that she would postpone some career milestones she had imagined for herself such as working for a major firm and completing licensure. Now almost five years into her position in Las Catalinas, Bega is grateful she made the choice to forego convention and try something different.

School of Architecture (SOA): What are your responsibilities as Town Architect for Las Catalinas, Costa Rica?

Bega: The Town Architects’ Office is in charge of a variety of things all centering around the built environment. That includes master planning for new neighborhoods, urban design, plaza and street design, architecture, and construction troubleshooting. There are two Notre Dame graduates that work in the Town Architect’s office full time. It is fun because every day is different. When I first started in Las Catalinas my job was to finish some nearly complete neighborhood plans and now we are at the point where we are growing exponentially every year. At the moment, we are installing infrastructure on a neighborhood I began planning my first week on the job. When I first started as an intern there were only six built houses in Las Catalinas and now there are close to 80 buildings, 180 residences, and 30,000 square feet of construction. As of yet, I’ve designed 14 homes, 2 multi-family buildings, and 1 commercial building. During my time here, we’ve had design teams working on 4 new villages/neighborhoods.

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