Alum's service to the disabled

Angelle Barbazon | May 3, 2013 | The Elkhart Truth

Ryan Murphy with ADEC clients

ELKHART — At ADEC’s adult day services program in downtown Elkhart, Angie Reed is learning the ins and outs of counting money using an interactive iPad app with animated coins and bills.

Reed, who has a cognitive disability, has been using the app for about three weeks, and so far, she has learned how to tell the difference among pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters as well as their monetary values. 

The app that Reed is using is just one of many that Ryan Murphy, ADEC’s assistive technology director, has installed on iPads to help clients learn new skills and live a little more independently. He has even created a few apps on his own that walk clients through the steps of tying their shoes, using shop tools, baking their own dog biscuits and even brewing a pot of coffee. The apps include pictures with audio and captions that explain each step.

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