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John Faulkner | Apr. 13, 2014 | Stacey Page Online

John Bodrozic

Being a homeowner can be an awfully stressful job. There’s routine maintenance, home improvement projects, keeping track of all the items in the home, and a slew of other things to keep up with.

Oddly enough, all of these tasks and items are usually locked inside the head of a homeowner. Surely, in this age of information, there would be a more succinct way of keeping track of the plethora of things that come along with owning one’s own home.

John Bodrozic, who graduated from Notre Dame in 1989, certainly thought so. Along with Elizabeth Dodson and David Ing, he came up with the idea for HomeZada, a website and app that puts all the things a homeowner needs to keep up with in one place.

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