Amusing Muses

Jason Kelly | September 18, 2017

Listen in as director Christy Burgess and the cast of Cymbeline find the right personal and cultural references to help them define their characters.


Zion Williams plays the Queen, the second wife to King Cymbeline. She’s plotting to have her son, Cloten, marry the king’s daughter, Imogen, so that Cloten will be heir to the throne. In this exchange during rehearsal, director Christy Burgess urges Zion, whose sweet disposition and wide smile are her default settings, to find an “evil inspiration” as she delivers her line, “And to kill the marvel . . . ” with sufficient smarm.

Christy: I need, Zion, like, Snow White’s evil stepmother.

Ellie Graff: That’s low-key who she is. . . .

Christy: Right? She’s like an archetype here.

Cameron Pierce: And Cinderella’s stepmother and everyone’s stepmother.

Christy: You are it. Zion. When’s the last time you got to be evil?

Zion: I don’t think I’ve ever been evil.

Christy: Enjoyyyy it! Enjoy, like, looking down and being, like, mmmm. I want this to just be shady. ‘And to kill the marvel.’ Go for it.

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