An Agreeable Development

Grace McDermott ’21 | September 24, 2020

As a senior, I feel like I have earned the right to make some observations about the Notre Dame campus character. For instance, I can say with confidence that the student body is very opinionated on almost every issue. Throughout my three-and-some years here, I have witnessed students clash with the administration — and with each other — over nearly every decision Notre Dame has made.

We debated in person and online over the appearance of the new architecture building and potential nicknames for the Duncan Student Center (LaDunc, DuStu or, my personal favorite, Jenkins’ Imperial Palace). When the administration instituted a three-year on-campus living requirement, we sparred about the merits. When our return to campus in the midst of a pandemic became official, we worried and celebrated and argued. Indian Night moving from Tuesdays to Fridays in North Dining Hall? We acted like the world was ending.

Then came the patio furniture in front of Hesburgh Library, erected in the wake of the spike in COVID-19 cases on campus that prompted the temporary move to online classes. Something about that new gathering place between the stadium and the reflecting pool united the campus community in a way that I haven’t seen in all my time at Notre Dame.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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