An Audacious Plan

September 17, 2014 | Campus Crossroads Project

Agusting Fuentes Anthropology Feature

In one section of the Lithic Lab in the basement of Flanner Hall, a half-dozen piles of chipped rock litter the floor from students learning to make obsidian tools from the Neanderthal Age. In another area, students study life during the Irish Famine through examination of pottery, coins and clay pipes unearthed last summer beside an abandoned home on an Irish island.

This lab space is the fourth that archaeologist Ian Kuijt has used in 14 years at Notre Dame – and the first in the same building as his sixth-floor office.

“I’m lucky to have a lab in this building (Flanner),” Kuijt said. “Most of the labs are out past the Notre Dame Credit Union. And classes are all the way on the other side of campus. Distance right now is a barrier.”

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