An Ordinary Purpose

Cassie Herman Kralovec '06 | January 28, 2015

Sister Tommie says when she walks with her friend Wally she never steps on the sidewalk grates because Wally is afraid she’ll fall in. But when Sister Tommie and I walk together, we forget, and walk across the sidewalk grates, hardly noticing. She buys me a challah bread roll today on our stroll. We mail all her Christmas letters. She has them rubber banded by state, to "make it easier for the Post Office people.”
We walk along 15th Street and find ourselves in the middle of hundreds of protesters marching from the United Nations to Union Square. It is an anti-Bush rally. Sister Tommie waves to everyone, shouting, “I’m going to pray for all you people!” The crowd chants as they pass, “Impeach! Impeach! Now more than ever!” Sister Tommie chants along, “A peach! A peach! Now and forever!”
“Isn’t it wonderful?” Sister Tommie says of all the people, a twinkle in her eye. Her words are as pure as her smooth, Italian, Dove soap complexion.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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