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Brandi Wampler | November 11, 2020

Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics (AD&T), a research center at the University of Notre Dame, has become the Institute for Precision Health (IPH). The IPH is a re-envisioning of AD&T and engages scientists, engineers, and clinical practitioners in research, education, and entrepreneurship programs that advance individualized health and wellness.

“AD&T was built through more than 10 years of excellent research by faculty and students and their willingness to connect to and work together,” Paul Bohn, Arthur J. Schmitt Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and director of the IPH. “By amplifying and supporting that work, we now have the opportunity to pivot our interdisciplinary program to focus on the key bottlenecks to developing new biomedical diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.”

Precision health is an approach to biomedicine that seeks to prevent and treat disease and promote wellness by understanding human variability at the molecular and cellular levels, especially in the context of each person’s unique environment. The IPH aims to invent tools and collect and analyze data that enable the delivery of life-enhancing diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic capabilities to each individual. 

Within the wider precision health field, the institute will focus on developing both discovery-based and hypothesis-driven ideas, supporting the education and training of students, and helping move proven ideas out of the lab and into broader use. IPH will also educate the public about the opportunities, challenges, and complexities inherent in health-related research.

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