Architecture in Port Washington

Notre Dame School of Architecture | Jan. 16, 2014

In the fall of 2013, a group of ND architecture students and Professor Lucien Steil set out to Point Washington, FL, to help steward the development of the city in a sustainable and comprehensive way. Filmmaker Petra Haffter went along to capture the journey.

The students focused on what they called “Micro-Urbanism” and “Small Architecture,” allowing incremental change and a slow additive process to develope a manageable, understandable and desirable change in the context of continuity and tradition. Their proposals prioritized the consolidation of the civic realm and central places of civic, cultural and social life supporting the cohesion and conviviality of the Point Washington Community. The students also looked very thoroughly at the natural context and the wonderful opportunities to enhance the boat landing and its connections with the National Park.

 by Daily Domer Staff

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