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Pandemic Impacts Campus Construction

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Construction teams at the University of Notre Dame have had to adjust their routines and take added precautions in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Read More

Undrafted Irish Players Sign with NFL Squads

Author: Daily Domer Staff

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Notre Dame Athletics | April 30, 2020 

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — Following the conclusion of the 2020 NFL Draft, multiple former Notre Dame players have signed undrafted free agent contracts with NFL teams.

See below, and keep checking in, for the Notre Dame Undrafted Free Agent tracker. Read More

Alexander Dowling

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering received the 2020 CAREER Award. Read More

Innovating Labs During E-Learning

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame has had to create innovative ways to teach content without the ability to have hands-on experience in on-campus labs. Read More

Postal Service Losing Money

Author: Daily Domer Staff

According to James O’Rourke, professor of management at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, the postal service’s money troubles have little to do with low prices and much more to do with a stifling congressional mandate. Read More

Never Done

Author: Daily Domer Staff

With families sheltered together, a mother’s work returns to the traditional, disproportionate tasks of housekeeping and caregiving. Read More

Cameron Corse: The Family Standard

Author: Daily Domer Staff


Notre Dame Athletics | April 28, 2020 

We came into this season motivated. Last year, we welcomed our new coach, Allison Silverio. She brought so much value to the team, and we set a lot of new standards. That year, we worked really hard, but it just didn’t turn out exactly how we wanted. We were one spot out of the NCAA tournament, and we felt that miss the whole summer.  Read More

Martin Joins Technology Ethics Center

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Kirsten Martin, a nationally recognized expert in privacy, technology and corporate responsibility, will join the University of Notre Dame’s Technology Ethics Center next fall as its first William P. and Hazel B. White Professor.  Read More

Kola Owolabi

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The acclaimed organist will join the faculty of the Department of Music this fall as professor and head of the Graduate Organ Studio. Read More

Ramadan Under Quarantine

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Muslims worldwide will enter Ramadan, the most sacred month in Islam, with millions of people still under stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic. How will the month-long season—with its traditional prayer, fasting and acts of charity—be shaped by the constraints of social distancing? Read More

Progress Toward Sustainability

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The Office of Sustainability at the University of Notre Dame has released its annual report summarizing the University’s progress toward sustainability over the past year, including ongoing projects related to hydroelectric, geothermal and solar energy and food waste. Read More

Imagining Earth Day 2070

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Earth Day 2020 marked 50 years since the first nationwide effort to educate the public and raise awareness of environmental issues that threaten the health and sustainability of the planet, so climate scientists look to the future. 

. Read More

McGraw Steps Down After Hall-of-Fame Career

Author: Daily Domer Staff


Notre Dame Athletics | April 23, 2020 

“If we searched for an entire year. I don’t think we would find anyone better suited for our program.”

On May 18, 1987, the late former Notre Dame Director of Athletics Gene Corrigan uttered those words when he announced the hiring of Muffet McGraw as the third head coach of the Fighting Irish women’s basketball program. Read More

Fanfare for the Front-Liners

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Bruce Cosacchi ’60 trumpets his gratitude each night for the people risking their health to help the rest of us during the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

Federal Relief to Aid Students

Author: Daily Domer Staff

University of Notre Dame President Rev. ​John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., earlier today directed that federal funding related to coronavirus relief and received by the University be used exclusively for direct financial aid to students whose families have been struck by unemployment or otherwise upended by the pandemic. Read More

Faculty Win ACLS Fellowships

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Notre Dame researchers Jon Coleman, professor of history, and Emily Wang, assistant professor of Russian, have been named fellows in the 2020 cohort of American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS). Read More

2019-20 Hockey Awards Week

Author: Daily Domer Staff

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Notre Dame Athletics | April 21, 2020 

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — The Notre Dame hockey program will be announcing its 2019-20 team awards throughout next week, beginning on Monday, April 20 with the Compton Family Leadership in Service Award and the Notre Dame Club of St. Joseph Valley Rockne Student-Athlete Award. Read More

Maryam Rokhideh

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The doctoral candidate was named the 2020 Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellow. Read More

Newberry Fellowship Recipient

Author: Daily Domer Staff

The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded Notre Dame anthropologist Alex Chávez a long-term residential fellowship at the Newberry Library in Chicago. Read More

A Season of Stoic Hope

Author: Daily Domer Staff

In our newly constrained lives clouded with concern, the anniversary of Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine reminds us that there’s room for optimism, too. Read More

Scott Malpass Announces Retirement

Author: Daily Domer Staff

University of Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., today announced the retirement of Scott C. Malpass, effective June 30, after 32 years as the University’s chief investment officer. As such, Malpass was responsible for investment of the University's endowment and other assets totaling $14 billion. Read More

The Shaw Center's Virtual Outreach

Author: Daily Domer Staff

We’ve all become familiar with the term ‘telehealth’ since the outbreak of coronavirus in the U.S., but we tend to associate the word with immediate physical health needs. Notre Dame’s William J. Shaw Center for Children and Families, has had to adjust to a virtual environment to ensure the mental health of its families. Read More

Coronavirus & Climate Change Research

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Spread of the coronavirus has halted critical field studies related to climate change, but climate scientists at Notre Dame say despite the challenge to collecting data, the current crisis is already spurring new proposals for research and revealing interesting parallels to the climate crisis that could provide valuable lessons for the future. Read More

Polarizations & Pandemic Compliance

Author: Daily Domer Staff

Notre Dame Assistant Professor of Economics Kirsten Cornelson and her co-author Boriana Miloucheva of the University of Toronto found that in states with governors who won by close margins, compliance with stay-at-home orders and other health advice is lower among people with the opposite party affiliation. Read More

Tommy Rees' Relentless Pursuit

Author: Daily Domer Staff


Notre Dame Athletics | April 16, 2020 

There’s a time to move on. Tommy Rees did. 

After an illustrious career as starting quarterback for the Irish, Rees put the Golden Dome in the rearview as one of the most prolific quarterbacks in Notre Dame lore, just the third signal caller in Irish records to eclipse the 3,000-yard passing mark in a season and reigning program Offensive Player of the Year.  Read More

McCabe Named 2020 Truman Scholar

Author: Daily Domer Staff

University of Notre Dame junior Patrick Hidalgo McCabe has been named a 2020 Truman Scholar, becoming the ninth Notre Dame student selected for the award since 2010 — a list that includes three eventual Rhodes Scholars: Christa Grace Watkins (’17), Alex Coccia (’14) and Prathm Juneja (’20). Read More