Arts to Science Program

Laura Schulte | Aug. 3, 2013 | South Bend Tribune

JINA Art-to-Science campA student in the JINA Art-to-Science program, held at the University of Notre Dame’s Jordan Hall of Science, holds up the flying fish she created. The weeklong program included students in grades K-8.

At the first glance, the science lab in Notre Dame’s Jordan Hall is simply full of yelling children drawing pictures with red and blue pencils.

“We’re having fun with shapes,” one student shouts over the rest.

But on second glance, the youths in the room are learning about the scientific applications of 3-D art through making some of their own.

The 20 students who participated in the 3-D art class are only a portion of the 120 who were chosen to participate in the Arts to Science program this year. The program accepts children from ages 8 to 13, and while they attend they’re challenged to learn new things about science through creating art.

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