At the Crossroads of Psychology

Brendan O'Shaughnessy | September 10, 2014

Dan Lapsley Psychology Feature

A famous psychological test asks children to sit in a room with a marshmallow or cookie for 15 minutes. Those who can delay gratification and endure the torture of temptation get a second sweet treat as reward. Their self-discipline is also likely to lead to success later in life.

The Notre Dame Department of Psychology turns 50 next year, and its patience and growth will soon generate a significant reward – a new building attached to Notre Dame Stadium to call its home. The East building of the Campus Crossroads project will provide classrooms, offices, laboratories and a student lounge for the Departments of Psychology and Anthropology. Construction is expected to start in November and be finished in 33 months.

“The Crossroads project is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to the Department of Psychology in 50 years,” said Daniel Lapsley, the department chair. “I can’t think of another thing that will have as galvanizing an effect on our department.”

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