Bengal Bouts Preliminary Rounds Begin

Lucas Masin-Moyer | February 14, 2017

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In the coldest of South Bend winters, long past the close of football season, a similarly time-honored Notre Dame tradition and sporting event takes place — Bengal Bouts. These boxing matches, which raise funds for Holy Cross missions in Bangladesh, will begin with preliminary round fights Tuesday night in the Joyce Center.

The bouts, which came into being as an outgrowth of football coach Knute Rockne’s desire to organize boxing matches at the University, began to raise funds for the people of Bangladesh in 1931 under the direction of coach Dominic “Nappy” Napolitano.

For many fighters, including junior Joey Quinones, a 2017 captain who was able to visit Bangladesh this summer through an International Summer Service Learning Project (ISSLP), this mission is one of the driving forces behind why they fight.

“I’d say the most rewarding part [of fighting is] getting able to see all the people that we were able to impact through these donations,” Quinones said. “There’s one parish, towards the north part of Bangladesh, right on the Indian border … half of the funds that were used to build it [came from Bengal Bouts]. A parish with a church, a boys and girls hostel, and school were made possible because of Bengal Bouts and its interaction with Holy Cross missions.”

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