Blessed are the Quiet Heroes

For most of America, the 9/11 attacks are fast receding into distant history. The 10th anniversary has passed; the 25th is far in the future. In the meantime there will be Super Bowls and elections and Oscars and graduations, and life will go on, just as it should.

Sometimes it is worthwhile taking note of how such calamities, however distant they may seem, create ripples that keep on spreading, touching more lives, long after a sense of normalcy has returned for the rest of us.

The new World Trade Center, sometimes called the Freedom Tower, has risen so high above the New York skyline that I can see it cresting the horizon from my home, 12 miles west of Manhattan. If you get up close, it’s possible to peer into the memorial’s somber reflecting pool to read the names of those who died on that fateful day.

But you’d have to look even deeper to see how what happened on 9/11 continues to shape our history as a nation and as a family.

 by Daily Domer Staff

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