"Blessed" Pope Paul VI

Michael O. Garvey | October 19, 2014 

Father Ted Hesburgh in his office

The two-week Synod on the Family in Rome will come to a significant conclusion Sunday (Oct. 19) with the beatification of Pope Paul VI.

Both Pope John XXIII, who preceded Giovanni Battista Montini in the papal office, and Pope John Paul II, who succeeded him, are canonized saints, and on Sunday, when he receives the title “Blessed,” the canonization of Pope Paul VI will be only a matter of time.

The beatification will be an occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the witness of a pope who served and steered the Church through the tumultuous and difficult years in the wake of the Second Vatican Council, but for Notre Dame’s president emeritus, Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., it also will be an occasion to enjoy the honoring of an old friend.

When the subject came up during lunch yesterday at Holy Cross House, Father Hesburgh’s shared his delight with his tablemates. “It’s just wonderful, isn’t it? He was such a good guy.”

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