Both Zaire and Kizer will play at Texas

Marek Mazurek | August 19, 2016


It seems the quarterback competition will continue into the season as Irish head coach Brian Kelly announced today that both senior Malik Zaire and junior DeShone Kizer will play in Notre Dame’s opening game against Texas.

“They have both have been outstanding,” Kelly said. “They both make plays. They both are playmakers. We would just continue to practice and continue to see both of these guys make plays. So we’re going to play both of them at Texas. Both of them will play at Texas and both of them have been instructed to keep doing what they are doing. … It doesn’t bother me playing two going into the Texas game, and we’ll see what happens the next week against Nevada. I’m focused strictly on Texas and we are best prepared to beat Texas by playing both DeShone and Malik.”

In addition the desire to have playmakers on the field, Kelly said he hopes his decision will take pressure off of his quarterbacks.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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