Caitlin Eckerman '20


Marcella Mullaney | July 16, 2020

Caitlin Eckerman, Notre Dame Class of 2020, started her college journey majoring in Neuroscience, but she soon began to question her decision. After some self-reflection, she felt that Arts & Letters was more “her style” and switched her major to Psychology. “I came in with a very open mind thinking, ‘This is my time to explore and find different areas’,” Eckerman said, explaining why she was optimistic about her career possibilities.

After studying abroad in Rome, Eckerman was impacted by the theology course, Catholic Social Tradition and Migration. This led her to add a minor in Peace Studies, saying it “has become my absolute passion.” Eckerman felt that Peace Studies aligned with her academic and personal interests, and she decided to find out what careers she could pursue. “Sophomore year I looked on the Career Development website to see what was out there. I was really looking for someone who could be a guide on what you can do within government work.” She then connected with pre-law adviser Anita Rees.

The two built a relationship from counseling meetings, common interests, and helpful resources Rees would provide. “I had an initial meeting with Anita, and she showed me all of the resources available,” one being a pre-law email. Through this, she discovered an opportunity provided by the Center for Career Development, led by Rees, called the D.C. Career Trek. She applied, feeling the program might be a chance to expose her “to different sectors other than the traditional lawyer route.”

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