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Natalie Weber | January 28, 2017

2013 Fall Appalachia Seminar 1239

The Center for Social Concerns (CSC) hosted a fair Wednesday night to connect students with over 30 South Bend service organizations and student-led volunteer groups. 

The fair allows students to find ways to interact with the South Bend community, Annie Cahill Kelly, director of community partnerships and service learning for the Center for Social Concerns, said.

“The Social Concerns fair is an opportunity for students to meet directly with community partners … to become more engaged in the local community through service, through community based learning [and] through research,” Cahill Kelly said.

Cahill Kelly said the fair ties into the Walk the Walk Week theme of service and allows students to integrate it into their everyday lives.

“On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, on the actual day itself, people are encouraged to engage in service,” Cahill Kelly said. “But what’s nice about this — certainly following Dr. King’s message and the University mission — this is an opportunity to become involved for the entire semester and hopefully beyond for all the years the students are here.”

Sophomore Montana Crowell said she attended the fair to help her continue to volunteer after working at a homeless shelter during winter break.

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