Christina Glorioso


Katie Rose Quandt | June 14, 2019

It was an entry-level position: a runner for NBC Sports during football broadcasts. “To be clear, you’re going to be fetching water,” the interviewer warned Christina Glorioso, then an MBA candidate at the University of Notre Dame.

Her response? “I will be the best water fetcher you’ve ever had.”

She remembers during one game handing an ice-cold water to color commentator Pat Haden the moment he requested it. “He asked, ‘How did you just do that?’ and I said, ‘Every third quarter, you ask for an ice-cold water. So at halftime, I went down and got a cooler.’”

And now, two decades after being arguably the best water fetcher NBC ever had, Glorioso has channeled that same intensity and strategic foresight into her work as senior vice president of integrated marketing for NBCUniversal.

In addition to overseeing integrated marketing activities for the News Group (including “Today,” “Nightly News,” “Meet the Press” and all of MSNBC and CNBC), Glorioso is responsible for two cable channels (USA and SYFY) and developed an in-house branded content studio from scratch. The branded content studio has been so successful in the news department, other NBCUniversal units are looking to replicate her model.

When it comes to daily schedules, there’s busy, very busy, frenetic ... and then there’s Christina Glorioso.

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