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Victor Diaz | Feb. 14, 2014 | Notre Dame Athletics

Women's Basketball - Natalie Achnowa vs Miami

It's easy to expect greatness from Natalie Achonwa because of her impressive height, which at 6-3 is prototypical for a WNBA forward. However, what sets Achonwa apart from the rest of the pack is more than just her size.

Achonwa's zeal for a challenge and demand for the highest level of competition has allowed her to achieve what size alone would not have. It is this competitor's mentality, ingrained in her ever since she first picked up a ball, which has allowed her to blossom into a truly spectacular and unique player.

Achonwa's competitive instincts kicked in from a very early age. She claims with pride that she started playing soccer from when she could walk, but it wasn't until her middle school years that she was introduced to basketball, thanks to a push from her childhood idol and a fortunate coincidence. 


 by Daily Domer Staff

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