Cool Classes: Moreau First-Year Experience

Zach Klonsinski '17 | September 2, 2018

For Bob and Clare Mundy, the idea to co-teach a Moreau First-Year Experience seminar wasn’t born in a classroom.

Rather, their decision traces its roots to a family car ride back from Indianapolis last year.

“I suggested it,” Clare says, more as if she were confessing than taking credit. “But it was a quick sign-on!”

Bob, the director of undergraduate admissions, and his daughter Clare, an assistant director in the Office of the President, are just two of the many faces welcoming Notre Dame’s Class of 2022 to campus through the Moreau seminar.

The Moreau First-Year Experience, a required course for all first-year students, is entering its fourth year this fall. Each one-credit seminar section is capped at 19 students, and students take one section both semesters of their freshman year.

“The Moreau class puts faculty members in close contact with young people who are, for the very first time probably, living away from home, trying to become familiar with a university environment that is at once wonderful, unusual, strange, terrifying, and exciting,” says Rev. Hugh Page, Dean of the First Year of Studies, who himself is entering his third year as a Moreau instructor.

The seminar utilizes a flipped-model approach, where instructors are responsible for facilitating and lightly steering conversation while students are tasked with providing the meat of the discussion.

“It’s an opportunity to be part of, as I call it, a learning ensemble,” Page said. “Everyone is going to be thrust into the position of being a learner at times, and everyone is going to be thrust into the role of a teacher at some point.”

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