Cool Classes: Playing Shakespeare

Sarah Cahalan '14 | January 31, 2019

With respect to my many wonderful professors, I have a confession to make: My favorite Notre Dame class as an undergrad wasn’t at Notre Dame at all. It was in London.

FTT 44702 — “Playing Shakespeare” — is something of a legend among Domers abroad, having been taught in the London Undergraduate Program since 1997. Like all of Notre Dame’s classes in the British capital, the course is taught in the University’s Trafalgar Square building for the first half of each semester, but it is distinctive for its second half, when it moves into Shakespeare’s Globe.

Playing Shakespeare gives its students the opportunity to perform the Bard’s work onstage at the Globe, which is a reproduction in both architecture and location of the famous playhouse where Shakespeare’s plays were originally performed. As the students from our 2017 Shakespeare cover story can also attest, that is every bit as cool as it sounds.

“It was surreal, in a lot of ways, to stand on a stage that is so hallowed in the theatrical community and [so] historically significant,” says junior Caroline Lezny, who took the class last semester. “It is terrifying at first, but then exhilarating.”

Adding to the exhilaration is the fact that, for many students, Playing Shakespeare is their first time on any stage at all.

“Most students who take the course have never acted,” says Boika Sokolova, who has taught Playing Shakespeare’s classroom segment since 2007. “It is not unusual for students to be a bit apprehensive, and it takes about three weeks for this to change and, by the end of the course, to be forgotten.”

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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