Countering Blindness

Stephanie Healey | Apr. 29, 2013 | Notre Dame College of Science

Patrick O'Hayer

Senior Patrick O’Hayer has co-authored a paper in the Journal of Neuroscience titled “Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Is Produced by Dying Retinal Neurons and Is Required for Müller Glia Proliferation during Zebrafish Retinal Regeneration.” The paper was published in the April 10 issue of the journal.

Since 2009, O’Hayer has worked with David Hyde, the Rev. Howard J. Kenna, C.S.C., Memorial Director of the Center for Zebrafish Research, investigating cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying retinal regeneration in zebrafish (Danio rerio).  In zebrafish, damage to the retinal neurons induces Müller glial cells to initiate a complex reaction, ultimately regenerating missing or damaged neurons.

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