Court to Catwalk

Barbara Johnston | Apr. 9, 2013 | Notre Dame Photography

W BBall - Final Four

I was very fortunate to get to travel with the team on a charter flight to New Orleans for the women’s Final Four. No worries about too much gear to carry on, no long lines through security checks and no delays for connecting flights. At the South Bend airport I breezed through security and boarded the plane for a direct flight. When we landed, buses were ready and waiting, along with a police escort that led the way while clearing traffic during the drive to the hotel. Nice!

A week before the game, I contacted Gerald Herbert, a staff photographer with the Associated Press who is very familiar with the New Orleans Arena. He put me in touch with the NCAA person who granted me permission to install a remote camera on the catwalk. So the night before the game, when practices were over, I went up on the catwalk with Herbert and two other photographers to set up.

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