Dougie Barnard: One of a Kind

Pete LaFleur '90 | Oct. 18, 2013 | Notre Dame Athletics Barnard's story is one that extends well beyond the Notre Dame campus - we're talking nearly 8,000 miles (one-third the Earth's circumference) past the glow of the Golden Dome, in assorted African cities and villages such as Nairobi, Kenya, and Kampala, Uganda. His close-knit family connections likewise extend beyond the normal blood relatives, reaching out to foster siblings and adopted sister Eva, whom the family first met when she was an infant in Kenya.

Dougie's Africa tale - which now has included five different trips to the continent - is a story unto itself. So is the Barnard family's foster service and adoptive saga, which includes maintaining a wonderful "co-parenting" role with one of their former foster sons. Even the elements of Dougie Barnard's deep-rooted faith provide a compelling account.


 by Daily Domer Staff

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