Dunne Hall Hosts Annual Race


Morgan Johnson | October 9, 2017

The first annual Dunne Funne Runne, in which students competed in a 3k costume relay race, took place Saturday.

The event fundraised for Education Bridge, a charity Dunne resident and senior Majak Anyieth founded. The non-profit organization helps to build and manage schools in South Sudan. Its goals include increasing access to education for both boys and girls and developing peace-building skills, according to the Education Bridge website.

During the event, 65 teams of three, including a team of priests, ran the 3k race, with each member of the team running one kilometer. A carnival followed the race, Dunne Hall Resident Advisor and senior Michael Griffin won a pie-eating contest.

Sophomore student organizer Justin McLellan said the creation of the event was a collaborative effort.

“We were just popcorning signature event ideas because we didn’t have a signature event for our new dorm,” McLellan said. “People just started spitting words out that rhymed, so we combined those to create Dunne Funne Runne.”

While still in the brainstorming process, the event was supposed to be a paint race, but it eventually evolved into a costume race, McLellan said. The winners of the race were determined based on costumes, not time. The winner of this year’s race was the team “Running from Gen Chem,” where members ran in lab coats, safety goggles and gloves.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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