ACMS & Athletics Improve Training

Deanna Csomo McCool | June 22, 2017

Weight Room

Student athletes have been training for peak performance since the days of Knute Rockne, but Notre Dame’s more than 750 athletes will now get a boost from technology and data science, thanks to a recently established endowment.

The Mastrovich Endowment for Excellence for Sports Science, established through the generosity of Larry and Giovanna Mastrovich, funds a new collaboration between Alan Huebner, assistant teaching professor in the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS), and Jordan Webb, head of sports science and associate strength and conditioning coach for the Department of Athletics.

“The information we collect will help across the board in enhancing student athlete performance and well-being, including prevention of injuries,” Huebner said. “This is not just a one-off, one-time analysis. We’re building infrastructure to store and collect the data so that results can be obtained very quickly and easily, and be used by coaches to have insight into practice, training, games, and recruiting.”

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