Epidemics in America

Casey Novak | December 3, 2020

I’ll never forget riding down the middle of Eddy Street in a golf cart, holding on to my luggage and a sack lunch. The people on the sidewalk knew exactly where I was headed — to quarantine. I had been identified as a close contact with someone who had tested positive for COVID-19.

I spent seven days in quarantine and had three negative COVID-19 tests during that week. The best part about the experience was that I was able to quarantine with another person who had also been exposed. We settled into a routine of Zoom classes, apartment workouts and making meals. By the end of the week we were tired of our small apartment and anxious to get back to campus.

“I got released from quarantine today! I took my final rapid test this afternoon, exactly 7 days to the hour of when I went in,” I wrote in the pandemic journal I kept as an assignment for the course, Epidemics in America. “Waiting for the third negative test to come back was so stressful; I had convinced myself that I was going to test positive. Longest 30 minutes of my life.”

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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