ESTEEM Student Wins Pitch Competition

Gene Stowe | March 10, 2017

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David Hardwicke, who came to ESTEEM from Ireland last year, won the Fast Pitch competition in the Cardinal Challenge at the University of Louisville on Feb. 18. Hardwicke spoke for the Structured Immunity team, advised by Brian Baker, which includes Baker Lab graduate student Tim Riley and second-year MBA student Fan Ping.
Hardwicke had 60 seconds without notes or props to tell five investors and an audience about the problem Structured Immunity addresses, its solution, its business model, how it makes money, and what’s in it for the investor. Judges evaluated passion, completeness, relevance, and style. Eight of the 12 teams at the competition participated in the event while four others, which had won their topical preliminary business plan contests, advanced to a final round. 
Structured Immunity is a service-based biotech company that specializes in the optimization and enhancement of the human immune system for cell-based cancer immunotherapy. The company uses a proprietary platform to help pharmaceutical companies improve their cell therapies. By using Structured Immunity’s service, pharmaceutical companies can increase therapy potency and dramatically reduce the risk of side effects, resulting in better patient outcomes. The startup is a collaborative project based on Hardwicke’s capstone thesis and technology founded by Baker and Tim Riley.
“Brian and Tim wanted to commercialize this technology because they thought it could benefit a lot of people,” he says. “Immunotherapy is a rapidly growing form of cancer treatment. We have the technology which can improve it."

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