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Carol Elliott | February 1, 2018

Going “local” has become a popular movement in shopping and agriculture, transforming entire industries and communities as people discover advantages in relying on the resources in their own backyards.

As it turns out, the movement also applies to leadership. “Lead Local, Lead Global” is the theme of University of Notre Dame Ethics Week 2018, which takes place Feb. 12-15 (Monday-Thursday) at Notre Dame’s Stayer Center for Executive Education. The event includes individuals and organizations from the Notre Dame and local community who exemplify business leadership focused on advancing the greater good through entrepreneurship, civic contributions, education and training, and other efforts.

The event is sponsored by Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and the Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership.

“In many ways, this year’s theme draws on the founding vision for the college of business, which states in part that the primary function of commerce is service to mankind,” said Ethics Week coordinator Brian Levey.  “We’d like to remind our students that there is important business being done right here in South Bend. They don’t have to go off to Chicago, New York or Los Angeles to make a difference. They can do it here.” All events are free and open to the public.

Levey added, “They can start a business (or nonprofit) or work for a local one. They can help create ‘something out of nothing’ by providing much-needed services, products, jobs, tax revenues and so on in the local community. And to the extent they don’t stay in South Bend, they can take the example of folks in our community and replicate it elsewhere. Thus the theme: 'Lead Local, Lead Global.'”

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