Evolving Traditions: Monogram Rooted in History

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John Heisler | October 16, 2018 

An "N.D." rightfully awarded can never be revoked after a man has left the University. All wearers of insignia representative of Notre Dame shall be most careful to safeguard these particular insignia so that they may not be abused by those who have no right to wear them.
-- Constitution, By-Laws and Regulations of the Faculty Board in Control of Athletics, from the 1929 edition of The Notre Dame Athletic Record

The list of items that best represent the University of Notre Dame — and Notre Dame athletics — is a lengthy one:

  • There's the Golden Dome atop the University's Main Building.
  • There's the huge mural of Christ — titled The Word of Life — on the south side of the Hesburgh Memorial Library, which came to be known as "Touchdown Jesus."
  • There's the Play Like a Champion Today sign that has come to represent an institutional philosophy of sorts.
  • There's the leprechaun, the official University mascot.
  • There's the Notre Dame Victory March, the University's fight song.
  • There's even the familiar "Win One for the Gipper" phrase that has been popularized in common culture over the decades. 

Yet maybe the most identifiable item on that list is the Notre Dame Monogram — the interlocking N and D letters that can be found in so many locations.
Those letters probably say Notre Dame to all its various constituencies better than any of the others listed.
And what a long and interesting history that Monogram boasts.

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