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Ann Marie Scheidler | August 14, 2019

G. Marcus Cole, the newly appointed Joseph A. Matson Dean and Professor of Law at Notre Dame Law School, is just a few weeks into his new role — and a South Bend summer. Having just left the faculty of sunny California’s Stanford University, where he held several highly esteemed positions since the late ’90s, onlookers may wonder how his transition to the extremes of a Midwest summer is going. 

"I’m from Pittsburgh originally,” Cole says with a laugh. “This weather isn’t new to me.”

Nor is Notre Dame’s football fever.

Cole grew up in a home that rooted only for the Irish on Saturdays — and Sundays, when he and his family would watch the rebroadcast of the previous day’s football game.

“My brother and I made a pact when we were young,” Cole recalls. “We promised each other that someday we would go to Notre Dame. My brother got in. I did not [Cole attended Cornell for his undergraduate degree]. But when I got the call that the University was looking for a new dean for their law school, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Notre Dame is the only place I would have ever left Stanford for.”

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