Fall Break Research


Natalie Casal | October 5, 2017

During fall break, Notre Dame undergraduates will explore a wide range of research topics through funding from entities such as the Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement (CUSE), the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, the College of Science and the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA).

The Nanovic Institute will send 11 students to 10 countries, including France, Spain, England, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, Christine Stump, student coordinator of the Nanovic Institute, said.

Independent research can be a transformative experience for students, Stump said.

“It increases so much their own understanding of the context of the particular thing they’re trying to find out,” she said. “There’s just so much learning that goes on through that process.”

Jeffrey Thibert, director of CUSE, said in an email that conducting research offers opportunities for growth in more than just scholarly knowledge.

“In addition to gaining experience that is relevant to a particular field of study, planning and implementing a research project teaches students how to be clearer writers (so they can produce a strong grant proposal), how to prepare a budget, how to adapt to unexpected challenges that inevitably arise in the pursuit of research and how to disseminate their findings in a way that has an impact on a field of study and, hopefully, on a community,” he said.

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