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Mike Danahey | Dec. 2, 2013 | Notre Dame College of Arts and Letters

Laura Miller

Laura Miller grew up in a big, loving family, but her research at Notre Dame focuses on children who were less fortunate.

“I learned from my own experiences how much your family and childhood experiences can profoundly affect your life,” Miller says. “While I have been very blessed in my own life, having an awareness of how a supportive and warm family affected my development motivated me to work with children who didn’t necessarily have the advantage of that experience.”

Miller, a new faculty hire in the Department of Psychology and the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, says her work integrates the quantitative and qualitative evaluations of children’s reactions to traumatic experiences, including exposure to violence.

“It’s a common assumption that very young children don’t have the cognitive ability to express clear beliefs, attitudes and fears about the violence they’ve witnessed, but it’s quite remarkable how acutely aware and articulate young children are of their experiences.”

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