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The editors | Spring 2014 | Notre Dame Magazine

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The stereotype does exist. Catholic. White. Male. The stereotype — like all stereotypes — comes from intelligible truths. High achiever. Rule follower. Neatly groomed. We know who we are. Doctor, lawyer, business executive. Sports fan. We tout our shared values. God, country, Notre Dame. Family. And football. We hold these truths to be self-evident. Leadership and service. Blue blazer and khaki pants. Competitive by nature. Ambitious. Mainstream now, and affluent. Wanting to save the world. And make a difference in our communities. Domers. The Notre Dame family. We are ND. Friends for life. And goodness. Fighting for the good. For what’s right. But clannish. And loyal. Good people. Who take seriously their enjoyments and their physical fitness. And their conscience and intellect. Their heart. And soul.

There is much truth to the stereotype. And fun to be made — as long as the cynic is one of us. But we are not all alike. Even among those who pool snugly into the homogeneity there are variations. Distinct individuals. There are some 133,000 living alumni now. Dorm mates, classmates may be closer than family, but no two are the same. Each has a rich life story. With success and heartbreak, accomplishment and loss, proud moments and buried secrets.

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