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Erin Blasko | October 8, 2017

He cannot grow a beard — yet — but of the four University of Notre Dame leprechauns, Charlie Meyers is, by far, the closest in height to the mythical Irish fairy, which serves as the University’s official mascot.

The 5-year-old South Bend resident became the newest, and youngest, member of the squad during the Fighting Irish Fight for Life Signing Ceremony Wednesday, Sept. 27, at Club Naimoli at Purcell Pavilion.

Organized by Student Welfare and Development, a division of Notre Dame Athletics, Fighting Irish Fight for Life pairs pediatric cancer patients from Beacon Children’s Hospital with Notre Dame Athletics teams, from football and basketball to soccer and tennis.

As honorary team members, the patients — ranging from toddlers to teens — attend competitions and other events and otherwise interact with the student athletes throughout the academic year.

The teams host a Christmas party for the kids in December.

Charlie, who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 3 and is now two-plus years into treatment, was a member of the Notre Dame women’s tennis team last year, his mother, Lauren Meyers, said.

This year, “As soon as he found out he was a leprechaun, he started watching all of the games and doing the fist pose,” she said, referring to the mascot’s trademark pose — arms bent, fists up like an old-time boxer.

Completing the look, Charlie wore an Irish country hat to the signing ceremony.

This is the first year the leprechaun squad, part of the larger Notre Dame cheerleading team, has participated in Fight for Life.

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