Fivepeat: Mendoza is #1 Again

Best Business School Survey | Apr. 4, 2014 | Bloomberg Businessweek

Mendoza #1 students

For the fifth year in a row, Bloomberg Businesweek ranks the Mendoza College of Business as America's best undergraduate business school.

Here's what Bloomberg Businessweek said in the survey:

"The Mendoza College of Business offers an academically rigorous business education with a central focus on ethics, values-based decision making and a concern for the common good. Students, who enter the College in their sophomore year, choose from among five majors (ACCT, FIN, MARK, MGT IT, MGT Consulting). In keeping with the Notre Dame tradition, coursework is well-rounded with nonbusiness classes in liberal arts, science, theology and other disciplines. About one-third of the undergrads double major outside of business. International study opportunities in more than 20 countries also are available."

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