Flaherty Hall Establishes Charity Fair

Alexandra Muck | March 5, 2017

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Flaherty Hall, one of Notre Dame’s newest dorms, is excited to establish itself this year as a dorm focused on outreach in the community. One way the residents of Flaherty are demonstrating their dorm’s focus is through their new signature event, Flaherty Fair, which took place Friday from 6-8 p.m. on the first floor of Flaherty.

Sophomore Katie Scherzinger, one of the event commissioners, said the inspiration for the event came from a desire to draw people to Flaherty, particularly since Pangborn Hall — where most Flaherty residents used to live — didn’t have large signature events.

“It’s a new dorm, new year and we didn’t have any events — except we wanted to keep Pangborn’s tradition of Project Pumpkin Pie, which takes place around Thanksgiving,” she said. “This event came from a year of brainstorming what we could do to get Flaherty involved with charities in the community and get Flaherty as a community [and] as a dorm involved in dorm life.”

Sophomore Laura Migliore, a member of the event’s publicity committee, said students paid $5 to eat from a nacho bar and an ice cream bar at the event, and all proceeds went to the Robinson Community Learning Center.

“As a new dorm, we’re excited about this being a signature event because we really want to establish ourselves as committed to serving others,” she said. “I think there’s a general consensus in Flaherty that serving others brings out the best in individuals.”

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