Football: Coach Kelly's ASU Recap

Notre Dame Football | Oct. 6, 2013 | Notre Dame Athletics

Brian Kelly on the sidline

The Fighting Irish head coach looks ahead to bye week before Oct. 19 matchup with USC Trojans.

Q. Can you give us the full rundown on Jarrett and Daniel Smith?

COACH KELLY: Jarrett had surgery this morning in Dallas, in which they put a rod in his leg for the fibula fracture. He'll spend the next couple of nights there. Just talked to him, got off the phone. His spirits are good. You know, that's a process that could take four to six months. But obviously a big loss for us, but we've got a senior in Danny Fox that will step in at that position.

Smith will have surgery once the swelling goes down. He has a substantial amount of swelling in that ankle. He did suffer a fracture and once that swelling goes down, he'll have surgery this week. 


 by Daily Domer Staff

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