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Craig Chval, Sr. | Sept. 20, 2013 | Notre Dame Football

Sugar Bowl '73 - Notre Dame vs AlabamaThe 1973 team celebrates its 24-23 win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

They came from places like Ohio and New York and Virginia and Texas and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Oregon and Oklahoma. Forty years later, they're scattered to the four corners of the United States, and beyond.

In 1973, these young men were champions of the college football world, capping an 11-0 season with a heart-pounding 24-23 victory over number-one Alabama in the 1973 Sugar Bowl.

Today, they're doctors and dentists and business leaders and actors and lawyers and state supreme court justices. They were together physically for but a small fraction of the six decades each has spent on earth. But in pursuit of a common goal, they shared an experience that continues to echo to this day. 


 by Daily Domer Staff

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