On the front lines of the coronavirus fight,

Chatting 1600

Jessica Sieff | June 11, 2020

The images flood news broadcasts and social media feeds. Doctors, nurses, clinicians and emergency medical technicians working tirelessly to treat patients suffering from the novel coronavirus.

They start and end their days separated from their families. Their posts on social media are both inspiring and heartbreaking. They plead with Americans to stay at home in an effort to curb the spread, and plead with officials to provide the necessary equipment to do their jobs — and some even lose their jobs for speaking out about the conditions they face.

As officials warn of increasingly tough times to come, the question looms: What will the mental and emotional toll be on U.S. health care workers?

Dominic Vachon, the John G. Sheedy, M.D., Director of the Ruth M. Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine at the University of Notre Dame and author of “How Doctors Care: The Science of Compassionate and Balanced Caring in Medicine”, is an expert in compassion science. He teaches students preparing for medical school in the scientific theory and practice of compassionate care in medicine and effective communications skills for physicians, nurses and allied health professionals at every level of training and practice.

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