Future for the Past


Brandi Wampler | November 18, 2019 

In October of 2016, central Italy was left devastated by a major earthquake, destroying homes and entire villages. Given Italy is prone to seismic activity, determining how to prioritize the protection of buildings – some of which are thousands of years old – can be complicated.

David Pirchio was graduating with his master’s degree in architectural engineering from the University of Trento in Italy when he developed an interest in the effect that earthquakes have on Catholic churches and communities. Understanding this challenge in his home country, David hoped research could help dioceses prioritize which buildings should be addressed first for mitigation.

“My professor at the University of Trento knew Professor Kevin Walsh and connected us,” said Pirchio. “It was a perfect fit for me. Known for its Catholic character, the University of Notre Dame was ideal for pursuing my master’s degree in civil engineering and applying my experience towards this real-world issue at home.”

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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