Game-day Concession Stands


Natalie Weber | October 30, 2017

When fans from across the country visit Notre Dame’s campus for home football weekends, many stop at food stands run by students to pick up something to eat on game day. Around 20 clubs have the opportunity to raise funds through concession stands on game days, Erin Riordan-Dye, assistant director of clubs for the Student Activities Office (SAO), said.

The Club Coordination Council (CCC) oversees allocation of the concession stands, Riordan-Dye said, and bases its decisions off of the funding each club has requested.

“It’s pretty competitive because there’s only a certain number of spots,” she said. “So they look at need, and how much clubs are needing to raise money and have money to do the things they want. If the CCC can’t fund that right out, they’ll give them a concession stand, knowing that that’s a great opportunity to raise the rest of their money themselves, in order to do the things they want to do.”

After clubs are chosen to run concession stands, they participate in a training session, to learn how to run the stands, Riordan-Dye said.

“You know, we’ve even had clubs come up to us and say, ‘I asked for a concession stand and we got one, but I don’t know how to grill,’” she said. “And you know, if that happens, then we teach them how to grill. And we go over safety protocols and they’re basically given every tool that they can to be successful.”

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