Game Day Policies for the 2020 Football season

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Notre Dame Athletics | September 1, 2020

Adhering to physical distancing requirements necessary to keep our community safe, attendance at this year’s Notre Dame Football games will be limited to 20% or less of Notre Dame Stadium’s normal capacity. Priority will be given to Notre Dame Students, assuring that every student who wants to attend games will be able to do so. Once student demand has been met, the remaining tickets will be made available to Notre Dame Faculty and Staff.

Beyond limiting the number of spectators at the game, the unique approach being taken by the University is designed to promote safety by limiting attendance to those individuals who are current members of the Notre Dame campus community and accords with the expectations articulated by St. Joseph County health officials regarding limiting attendees to residents of the local area. Where exceptions to that policy need to be made (i.e. family members of participating student-athletes from both teams) they will be very limited in number, and those individuals will be seated in separate areas of the Stadium.

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